Take the #3 brand
in golf back to #1
in 5 years.
We did it in 3.

The Challenge

In 2013, Callaway was the #3 brand in golf and was not seen as an innovation leader. They consistently scored low on product innovation in industry surveys. We were tasked with creating distinct and believable product platforms for a customer base inundated with similar technology stories from every golf manufacturer.

  • Digital
  • TV
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Social Content

The industry

The golf industry as a whole had been on a steady decline for years. For Callaway to steal dollar share in a declining market, when fewer people are playing golf, and players are spending less money on golf technology, we would need to take a different approach to our marketing efforts.

Our thinking

Make the Callaway brand and its product technology approachable and aspirational while communicating in a tone that resonates with golfers. Define communication platforms that inspire marketing partners to collaborate, create and execute ideas across multiple media and social outlets.

The audience’s appetite for content, and their ability to consume it,
was growing exponentially.

Golfers were looking beyond Print and TV for their technology information. The quantity of ideas we would generate would be just as important as the quality of those ideas. Marketing assets would need to be constructed in such a way that they could be repurposed to live in many different forms.

From the Fall of 2013 through the end of 2017,
we launched more than 28 different products.

In that time we executed 70+ TV spots, 100+ content videos and 1700+ display units. But perhaps more impressive are the ideas we created that fell outside of the traditional paid media landscape, and the creative collaborations between us and Callaway that have redefined the typical client – agency relationship.

Staying #1 is no easy task.

We’ve helped drive sales to record levels, and we continue to feed the appetite of golfers who are engaging with the brand like never before. Ultimately, Callaway regained the #1 brand position by 2015, two years ahead of their goal. We’re honored to be their marketing partner and are constantly looking for new ways to keep Callaway in the #1 position.