In 2015, Callaway had another innovation breakthrough. The all-new Chrome Soft golf ball challenged convention and delivered game-changing performance benefits. We helped Callaway launch Chrome Soft by carving out a distinct personality that put the entire industry on notice. After all, this was The Ball That Changed The Ball.

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There are lots of things you can change to help you get better at golf. But what if you just change your ball? Because when these Callaway Tour Pros changed to Chrome Soft, it led to dramatically better results.

Same Here

From the Pros to weekend warriors and everyone in between, there are a lot of different reasons they play Chrome Soft. But one thing we all agree on: there’s no ball that’s better.

Hard Work

To gain an edge on the best golfers in the world, Xander Schauffele, Jon Rahm, and Madelene Sagstrom know they have to outwork their competition. They also have to play a ball that outperforms its competition–Chrome Soft.

Now You Can

When we launched Chrome Soft in 2015, it was an entirely different kind of golf ball. Something the game had never seen. We designed the look, feel, and language to be approachable and unapologetic, with a little dose of swagger.