When our clients trust us enough to ask us to create ideas on their behalf for their clients, it’s both humbling and exciting. Here’s a collection of Co-Op spots we’ve created through our amazing partnership with Callaway and their largest retail partner, Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Positioning / TV / Retail


All we wanted to do was create a simple promotion for Dick’s Sporting Goods with Phil Mickelson. But this isn’t Phil’s first rodeo–he’s been starring in golf commercials for over 20 years. Let’s just say he had other ideas…

Phil’s Mavrik

Phil Mickelson knows a thing or two about the new Mavrik Driver from Callaway. And he has no problem telling anyone who is interested about it. Even those who aren’t.

 Epic Gift

In 2021, Callaway and Dick’s Sporting Goods ran a promotion where if you picked the correct Callaway Pro to win the US Open in-store, you won a free driver. If you picked Jon Rahm that year, you would have been very happy. And made Callaway and DSG’s accountants very mad.